We ensure that the highest standard of professional conduct is embedded in every corner of the Organization. It defines how we go about our business treat our people, customers and stakeholders.
  •   We are transparent and ethical in the way we conduct ourselves.
  •   We are honest and fair and base our conclusions on facts.
  • We have a strong moral code and take responsibility of our actions.


As we continue to increase our reach in every corner of the country, we value those who work
with us and the contributions that they make to our business.
  •   We respect our people's individuality and diversity.
  •   We conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects the spirit of inclusion and  humility.
  •   We treat all our customers, employees and stakeholders with respect and  empathy.


In our journey of becoming India’s most admired NBFC, we want to excel and set high standards
in every aspect.
  •    We aim to execute flawlessly and deliver the highest quality of service and value through simple relevant solutions.
  •   We challenge ourselves to meet our goals and pursue excellence.
  •   We consistently strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, colleagues and  stakeholders.


We keep our customers, employees and stakeholders at the heart of everything we do.
  •  We focus on removing complexities.
  •  We deliver solutions that are simple and relevant.
  • Our communication, policies and processes are simple to understand and easy to follow.


We believe success is achieved not by any one individual but by teams that work together.
  •  We operate in a spirit of collaboration and teamwork.
  •  We support and encourage people to use their expertise and experience to solve everyday challenges.
  •  We embrace a mindset of openness and trust that helps in breaking silos.


We proactively respond to the changing market environment and the evolving needs of our
  •  We strive to deliver the highest sustainable standards through efficient and timely
  •  Our speed of action reflects our readiness to continuously improve and our openness to
change and discovery.
  •  We are flexible and constantly look for ways to enhance efficiencies.
About Us
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121 King St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.